Dean and Castiel find their own place to live and share this news with Sam.

Sam: Finally!
Dean: Sammy, you hurt my feelings. You’re way to happy about me moving out.
Sam: Can you blame me? I will be able to sleep at night without hearing you and Cas. Especially Cas.
Castiel: I don’t understand…
Dean: Sometimes you’re a little too loud, Huggybear.
Castiel: Oh.
Dean: But you do know how much I love it, don’t you?
Sam: Okay, enough. I have to admit - it’s… strange. You. Moving Out. It’s gonna be weird not having you around.
Dean: Dude, you know it’s gonna take you, like, fifteen minutes to visit me? Us? My and Cas’ house is really close.
Sam: But still, this isn’t the same!
Dean: Aww, such a big girl. You better help us with all that crap. I’m horrible at packing.
Castiel: Gabriel said he can help us.
Dean: Really? Since when he’s so helpful?
Castiel: Anna’s practically living in Ruby’s place, so I think he wants our flat just for himself as soon as possible.
Dean: Let me guess - and the first thing he’s gonna do after that is calling Sam, invite him and sex him up?
Sam: I like that plan. So much.
Dean: Ughh, no more details. Bitch.
Sam: You started it. Jerk.

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